Monday, 12 November 2012

How much is your face worth?

Hi everyone! It seems that almost everyone in the blogging world has completed the 'how much is your face worth?' tag, so I have decided to give it a go.. I'm hoping that the figure is under £100, although I have seen some ridiculously high figures...

I would probably hazard a guess that I incur the most costs with my eye makeup as I tend to use three different mascaras as I like my eyelashes to look voluminous and thick.

For those of you that don't know what I look like.. this is me:


L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation in C3
Rimmel Stay Matt Concealer - Soft Beige - £2.99
Collection 2000 Face Powder - Tan - £2.99


Rimmel Khol Eyeliner - £2.99
Maybelline XXL PRO - Intense Black
Avon Spectra Lash Mascara - Black
L'Oreal Mega VOLUME Mascara - Extra Black


Natural Collection Blusher - Pink Cloud- £1.99

Bodyshop Bronzer - £1.99


Carmex or Vaseline - £1.99

Grand Total

It seems really odd to say that my face is worth x amount. In fact I think the cost would actually be lower by around £10 as often there are offers on make up, such as 3 for 2, or buy one get one free etc. I'm pretty impressed actually as having seen ridiculously high figures of £300+, I think ___ is a relatively low cost in context. I decided to put this in a table as I like numerical data to be organised and clear (slight OCD, and I was extremely bored).

The only other things I tend to add, if I have time are eye shadows (£1.99 - £3.99) and red or pink lipstick (Rimmel Kate -£5.99)

So, how much is your face worth?!


  1. It's not a bad total, considering people have had theirs in the 100s! Mine came to just over £20 I think, I was pleased with myself! Ha. xo

  2. I've never thought to calculate my make-up) But idea is really interesting)