Friday, 30 August 2013

Green Day

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well :) Today I'm so excited to show you this dark green 'pleather' skirt from Oasis. I really love the dark green, it is subtle but I think it really does make the outfit pop :)
I added my favourite rucksack of all time for a more casual look :). The black croptop makes the outfit slightly more girly which I love and it is an absolute bargain at £2.50 from Primark. My spike necklace is brass and I got it from eBay for around £3 delivered! Such a good buy, and I think it finishes off the outfit perfectly

What do you guys think? 



  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the colour of your skirt!x

    Silver Electrons

  2. very pretty! love the skirt and glasses :)

  3. love the skirt! and you're so pretty!