Friday, 8 November 2013


Hello everyone! We had such a beautiful day here in the South! (This is my incredible bedroom view!)
Hope that everyone is well and enjoying November! I honestly cannot believe that this year is almost over! It seems that the older I get, the quicker the years seem to be passing, strange...does anyone else feel the same way? 

My hair: I have been using a lot of different hair care products recently, to bring my hair back to a healthier state! It looks more voluminous, much healthier and slightly thicker which I am really pleased about. I haven't been using any heat products on my hair and just leaving my hair to air dry in the mornings. It does take quite a bit of time in comparison to a hair dryer but I feel happier knowing my hair isn't being frazzled every morning! Also, my hair seems to have formed a natural wave, which I am really happy about as it means I don't have to do anything to it, yay!

Does anyone have any haircare tips that they would like to share? I will be doing a post on all the products that have worked for me so keep your eyes peeled :)

Finally my outfit.. Combining black and white just makes an outfit all the more classy. I adore the dramatic colour change and it just works so well!

- Black velvet leggings from New Look - £6
- White peplum top with black detailing from Peacocks - £5
- Large white and black tote by Oasis - £20
- Black pumps from Primark - £7
- Rimmel Lipstick in the shade 107

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think 
A x


  1. Nice outfit, I like yor bag and your hair a lot (been thinking about doing ombre myself, didn't do it because I didn't want to damage my hair). And oh my gosh, there's no snow where you live? CRAZY!