Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Jeans!

So Halloween is fast approaching! Here are my Halloween jeans from Urban Outfitters! I think the acid splashes are so funky! These are by Tripp NYC at Urban Outfitters (Tripp NYC streetwear). I absolutely love these jeans, they are so comfortable and I personally don't think you should be afraid of trying something 'different' or 'alternative'.
Tripp NYC jeans are really high quality and the fit is perfect for me. The jeans tend to be fairly expensive (£65-£75) however the designs of these jeans are so unique and distinctive! so well worth spending a little more on

Also.. I managed to find these for £10 in Urban Outfitters (reduced from £60) yay! I had my eye on them, so when I spotted them for £10 I had to buy them! :)
Hope you're all excited for Halloween! Trick 'r Treat! x

I also purchased some Glow in the dark skeleton earrings from Accessorize for £3.50. They look so spooky! I shall upload a picture of them asap!


  1. splash some dark ketchup and let it dry and u'll have a cool Upgrade to ur outfit XD!!!

    1. Haha! Blood splatter look! It would be like CSI!

  2. Awesome jeans! Love your blog :) Thanks for the comment!

    <3 Josephine

  3. love the jeans! :P perfect for Halloween